Natural Gas

Φυσικό Αέριο:  Natural Gas

In colaboration with S&P Advertising and its marketing team we managed to reach Hermes Awards.
The illustrations turned from draft -pencils and pens drawings into modern and kids friendly designed illustrations that were on a square printed booklet with excepetional layout.

I was communicating with the copy writer fixing any detail. From the characters, the writing, the scenes and finaly the direction of this comic like information marketing tool of DEPA (ΔΕΠΑ).

The main idea was an educational excursion of a class getting to know the natural gas using an eco bus, passing through points, having sessions about using and discussing all about that new energy source.

Colorful, smart characters, well designed culture details and fine tunning to the script.

Illustrations that invented to create enthusiasts about the source of energy and educate about the usages, the prices, the main source of gas from neighbor countries.