Fast Forward: ...activating your inner sounds

Fast Forward: ...activates your inner sounds
A magazine about dance, music, clubbing and urban style.
I had to express the main theme of the beat in Athens coopareting with fans, friends, clubbers and persons from many directions that anyone was mixed on making that publication.
As art director I gave the fine tunning on urban style mostly as electronic music acts in any case.
Mixed media, illustration, deconstruction, typefaces all were wed with visuals of great photographers, stylists, directors and the spirit of a vibrating Athens, Greece.

Working on art direction of Fast Forward magazine I had to mix the very contemporary wave of these days (round 2001) of electronic music, the many translations of the urban style, the clubbing culture that was vibrating Athens, Greece and around the globe. It was hard & painful but likely we all gave our personal touch creating and publishing that stuff.

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