Saint John Koukouzeles, the angel-voice

About the book:

Saint John Koukouzeles, the angel-voice
(4 years old and above - book in Greek)

Durres: 1280 AD.
John, a little boy meets a small sparrow in the woods.

The bird is fascinated by his beautiful voice and suggests him to study music.

Likewise, the little boy takes a path, leading to Constantinople, the palace, the imperial choir and to “Virgin Mary’s Garden”.

Where will this path of melody lead at the end?

Mosaic: The main Illustration idea


The typefaces that have been used are designs by Petros Vasiadis and can be downladed for free from

CYN Singing typeface is a design set of types that have been created while the illustrations of the book were going on.

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Title: Άγιος Ιωάννης ο Κουκουζέλης, ο αγγελόφωνος

Scripts: Romanos Thalassios
Illustration: Petros Vasiadis
Art direction: Petros Vasiadis, Romanos Thalassios
Graphic design: Petros Vasiadis

Proofreading: Angeliki Gkioni
Scripts’ digitization / Page digitization: Petros Vasiadis, Romanos Thalassios
Illustration’s digitization: Petros Vasiadis
Creative team: Romanos Thalassios, Petros Vasiadis

Total editing: Romanos Thalassios

Creative community: Romeika Paramythia

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