SciFY: ReBranding

Flipping vertical the (i) and creating an exclamation mark!

Usage of Ubuntu Light font (Open Source typeface)

Final logo

Cards, envelope, mail paper on creation

Poster about PServer

Poster about NewSum

Crowd speaking Banner

SciFY (Science For You) is a non for profit Greek association that ventures open source technology achievements for basic needs of humans. Teamwork, voluntarism, crowdspeaking & crowdfunding, innovation, free and science are similar with SciFY's work and its people.

To bring forward the results of innovation in Greek society made of technology and team work the need of a new brand was born. SciFY needed something to locate the spectacular results in science and that was where "ScFY: ReBranding" came into.

Now after redesigning its brand it is recognized that this team is about bringing science miracles forward to the next level.

Thank you!

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