CAR Kathimerini's Newspaper

"ΑΥΤOΚΙΝΗΤΟ" της Καθημερινής
"CAR of Kathimerini's" Newspaper was out every first Saturday of a month. A publishing that was expert on presenting new models, identities of personalities, actuality, art & history references, new technologies, traveling and valid information about automotives.

I've been its art director cooparating with Socrates Tsichlias (publishing conductor), Panos Fillipakopoulos (chief editor), Vaggelis Karatzas (creative director), editors, photoshop retouchers, photographers, correcting texts accountables in order to design every month's great issue that would cover the readers and expand the sales of Saturday's Kathimerini paper.

Choosing the right content of photoshoots, illustrating, matching the creative direction to each layout demandings, final mock-up, redesigns of schemes, data tables and of course all by condacting the right co-worker the right time before deadlines.

Thank you

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