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Times New Roman in Greek writing are too boring typefaces and every one seems to avoid them either their history in typography in European languages. I have to admit I was going on something newer than New Roman and I started chopping and cutting to fix all these years of snob by graphic designers.

My goal while attempting to redesign was to have a contemporary one without loosing the double weight curved shape of each typeface as final result. After all it looks smoother and it's OK with me.

I needed a typeface that could cover δeface365's orientation connecting the historical typography with something unique, future glam & Greek (or Roman) point of view.

Righ(t) On

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RighOn Light
RighOn Bold
Be well and more!

Αφιερωμένα στον ανιψιό μου Δημήτρη, πρωτότοκο του 2ου ξαδέρφου μου Γιάννη.

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