Graphis. Epsilon. Vakalo '96

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Three separate illustrations as creative design to present Vakalo Art & Design College in Graphis Student Design 96.

The illustration is about a Harley Davidson on standing, speeding up and finally taking cyborg profile in 3 dimensions.

This is my first public exposure of my career on a foreign art & design publication such big as Graphis and being on an advertising in a magazine like Epsilon.

I'd like to thank my college for the great inspiring efforts in Greek art & design.

Graphis Student Design 96
Front Cover: Richard Unger, Christofph Schuhknecht, Universitat / GH Essen
Back Cover: Hardy Lahn, Fachhochshule Rheinland - Pfalz
Cover Design: B.Martin Pedersen, Jennifer Thorpe

Epsilon (ΕΨΙΛΟΝ)
Creative / Art Director: Dimosthenis Tentomas

Vakalo Art & Design College
Illustration: Petros Vasiadis
Professor: H. Panopoulos, D. Psomas

Thank you for your interest!