CYN /Free/ Fonts

Exploration on typography field and creating a tool like Greek fonts.

Greek & Latin Handmade Typefaces

CYN Fonts are mainly made by brushes, black color paint, fine pens and drawn by hand except some special occasions. All are free to download and use for any purpose you want. I wanted to explore and go beyond the average typefaces adding the meaning  of the "gift" for designers and type lovers.

You can download all the updated CYN Fonts Pack and explore many styles, weights and forms from

From here you can order an art print, poster or even postcard with the "plus" (+) designs witch is the symbol of the project of CYN (:plus in Greek) Fonts if you feel like donating.

NEU TYMES 5 is a sample of using CYN Handmade fonts

Thank You!
~God Bless You~
~Ο Θεός Να Σε Ευλογεί~

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